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Bible Reading
No one is ever too old to benefit from learning the faith stories and reflecting on them. Telling or reading Bible stories to children is still one of the best ways for adults to learn the stories for themselves

Learning and reflecting on the master story never grows stale, because each time we come to it from a different place on our journey, we discover new insights about God and ourselves.


Haven’t you always said you would do it…but never quite found the time to read the whole Bible? Believe it or not, this will only take about 15 minutes a day!  The readings are available on the Internet at

On the website you will find the list of the day’s readings, find the reading itself in several translations or hear it read.

Visit for audio Bible translations. Another option is free downloads for MP3 files of the whole bible at: in King James or Word English translations as well as other languages. One can also order MP3 audio disks that can be legally copied to give to others.  Test the audio Bible below.

For a quick lookup on-line visit (multiple versions).

Check out the church library for study aids: Bible Dictionaries, Bible Maps, Bible Commentaries, etc.

Attend our bible classes, it is great to listen to the different ways the Bible speaks to us.
Visit Bible Translations for more information. More