Prayer is a conversation with Gprayer-warriorod. Prayer should be a time we can step aside from the normal flow of life and give God our full and undivided attention. Sometime you might need silence and/or solitude. Silence is fasting from speaking, so one can listen to God; solitude is fasting from fellowship with others,  so one can be alone with God.

Prayer is not just private, but can be with a group. Corporate prayer lifts us out of the narrow, limited perspective of our individual needs and desires and provides us with the broader, deeper vision of vital relationship with God in the midst of our life and world.

Prayers can be at specific times, like prayers before meals or when gathering with others for worship, study or Christian fellowship. Prayers can dispersed through the day at unplanned moments like when you hear a siren or stop for a traffic light. There is a wide range of possibilities – find what works for you.
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