Your Journey
The path in and out of a Labyrinth serves as a metaphor for the journey through life – it is not a straight path, but one with many twists and turns along the way.

During our life journey we can ‘Encounter God’, when we make ourselves available for God’s transforming Grace.  Our Christian journey is a lifelong process of growth.  We can also ‘Encounter God’ in everything we do, when we live our life to honor God.

We are not in control of our spiritual formation, we are shaped by the ‘potter’s hand’ as we experience life. We are unique persons, and our relationship with God does not destroy his ‘one of a kind’ creation.

 As we journey, each encounter with God may show us where we lack the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ and cause us to seek God’s guidance again and again.  While we may feel these fruits at times, we can expect them not just at church, but at home and at work too.  Our walk with God needs to cover our entire life, but progress can be at different rates for the different areas. Sometime we resist letting God guide us in all areas during our life. As we let go of the desires of the flesh, we can experience the fruits of the spirit.                      
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Fruit of the Spirit      

Works of the Flesh

















 Self Control